List Of TV Shows With Dinosaurs

Sunday, August 7 by Brandy Willingham

TV Shows With Dinosaurs

Need a list of TV shows with dinosaurs? Over the years dinosaurs have been portrayed in a wide variety of ways. From those with human traits, to realistic monsters who fight and defend themselves viciously. These are the ten best television shows with dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs TV Shows With Dinosaurs

The “Dinosaur” television show aired from 1991 through 1994. It featured a family of dinosaurs who had human characteristics. The star was the father Earl Sinclair and his wife Fran Sinclair. Recapture the early nineties by checking out this show.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs TV Shows With Dinosaurs

This six-part documentary CGI and uses real live locations. The success of this series prompted the creating of the “Walking with the Dinosaurs” exhibition. This realistic TV show belongs on the list of the top ten television shows with dinosaurs.


Barney TV Shows With Dinosaurs

This purple dinosaur has won his way into the hearts of children around the world, and into the wallets of their parents. He offers songs and teaches lessons in character, educational topics, and social topics. No list of TV shows with dinosaurs would be complete without Barney the Dinosaur.

Jurassic Fight Club

Jurassic Fight Club TV Shows With Dinosaurs

This hit show that features dinosaurs airs on the history channel. Each week using computer graphics narrators walk viewers through fights involving dinosaurs. This show is more than educational. The realistic and graphic animation makes it a definite choice for adults.

Dinosaur King

Dinosaur King TV Shows With Dinosaurs

This “Pokémon” type movie features the young son of a paleontologist who must win cards and compete. This cartoon will be very entertaining for kids.  There are no hidden messages or other annoying things in this dinosaur cartoon.

Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train TV Shows With Dinosaurs

This PBS cartoon features a likeable little dinosaur who explores adventures in the dinosaur train. The show is well done and includes the cool CGI animation which gives it a realistic look. “Dinosaur Train” is a perfect choice for the list of television shows with dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Decoded

Dinosaurs Decoded TV Shows With Dinosaurs

The National Geographic discusses and displays the complexities of the appearance of young dinosaurs. There are also discussions concerning many of various species and the adaptations that were needed for survival. This is a very informative dinosaur TV show.

Terra Nova

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Terra Nova</a> TV Shows With Dinosaurs” /></p>
<p>Fox plans to reinvent the wheel with this television show about dinosaurs. “Terra Nova” is expected to be an action drama about a family who gets a second shot at life by going back into prehistoric times. Steven King is the creative mind behind this movie so there are <a class=great expectations.

Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet TV Shows With Dinosaurs

The Discovery Channel produced this hit that focused on the lives of four dinosaurs. Using computer CGI viewers are given an up-close view of what they may have faced. Dinosaur lovers will not be disappointed by this TV show featuring dinosaurs.


Dinosaucers TV Shows With Dinosaurs

This 1980’s dinosaur cartoon only lasted one year, yet it was extremely popular. Dinosaucers must defeat the evil Tyrannos. Each week children were treated to new adventures. This show is still available online.

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