Jay Leno, the grand marshal of California's annual Love Ride, jokingly asked this year's motorcycle-riding participants to drive recklessly. Unfortunately, the "funny"-man's crack became a reality, and one rider ended up colliding with an eighteen-wheeler, killing not only himself, but his female passenger as well.

Every year, they say, 'Drive safe'. I'm gonna say, 'Don't drive safe'. I wanna see somebody go down. So it'll be fun. I want it to be in front or behind me and see a whole row of bikes go down. Get drunk, fall off the road. We've all become too damn polite... We haven't had one incident.

As much as I hate Jay Leno (and I hate Jay Leno), I'm sure he feels very bad that obviously jokes were made before such a tragedy. And truth be told, I find his off-color remarks here far less offensive than his painfully vanilla banter with bandleader Kevin Eubanks. And in all fairness, Leno has donated ten guided tours of his garage for auction to help cover costs associated with the accidents that day, which is actually a pretty nice gesture.