7 TV Shows We’re Giving Up For Lent

Wednesday, February 22 by

How I Met Your Mother

While it may be the only successful example of the “classic sitcom” on television today, HIMYM toes a line between edgy and traditional that doesn’t work in either way. It wasn’t without its charms during the first two seasons, but I quickly tired of Josh Radnor’s “When am I going to find a wife?” routine. That’s not the way 30 year-olds operate.

The performances on the show are strong, and they have managed to tone down the whininess as of late, but the smell of desperation is still on it, which keeps me from jumping aboard. Just let us know who the damn mother is so we can get on with our lives.

Top Chef

Top Chef has always been something of an anomaly. I like that the show focuses on the craft and generally avoids all the bullshit drama that plagues reality competitions. However, host Tom Collichio has all the energy of a bag of doorknobs, and the show has never had more than one or two likable characters out of sixteen. Initially, the allure of the premise and the subject matter enabled me to look past the shortcomings, but time marched on, and as the formula got more and more stale, it was harder to get sucked in. Despite watching the premiere, I haven’t been able to get past the fourth or fifth episode over the past four seasons.

Pack your knives and go, Top Chef.

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