Soul Train creator and host Don Cornelius was discovered dead this morning in his home, the victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The recently divorced 75-year old brought the dance show to the air in October of 1971, providing a showcase for African American musicians and singers. Think The Grind if you couldn't masturbate to it.

Cornelius hosted for 22 years before retiring in 1993. The show would remain on the air until 2006. It's 35 years on the air earned it the honor of being the longest-running first-run nationally syndicated show in television history.

It's sad to see a man who had such an impact on our culture go out in such a tragic way. The best we can do is look back at Soul Train's great performances and awesomely retro dances. Drop the needle.

Awesome Line Dance To Rufus's "Once You Get Started"

Just a little something to get us warmed up.

O'Jay's "I Love Music"

Now we're getting there.

The Trammps "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Gotta love the talking intro.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes "Bad Luck"

The sweetest arm moves start at 0:31.

Tavares "Check It Out"

Pretty sure this song is sung by a Soul Accountant.

LaMont Dozier "Fish Ain't Bitin'"

Wow. That microphone has excellent pick up.

The Fifth Dimension "One Less Bell To Answer"

Is she in a neck brace?

The Joneses "Sugar Pie Guy"

As if the authority of matching pink tuxedos isn't enough to captivate you, skip ahead to the 0:52 mark. Spo-Dough-Bow.

The Moments "Just Because He Wants To Make Love"

Now, something slow. Grab your best girl and hold her tight.

Isley Brothers "Who's That Lady?"

Time to pick it back up.

The Dramatics "In The Rain"

How dramatic? In studio lightning effects for starters.

The Intruders "I Bet He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)"

Not sure why this was performed on a spooky castle set. I'm not complaining. I'm just not sure.

The Futures "I Had A Dream"

Frankly, it's nice to hear a soul song that utilizes the didgeridoo.

Faith Hope & Charity "Don't Go Looking For Love"

I'm more captivated by this performance than anything on modern reality shows.

The Jackson Five "All I Do Is Think Of You"

And let's close with a classic.