In Honor Of Robert Hegyes: 6 Beloved Sitcom Stars We Should Appreciate More

Friday, January 27 by

Uncle Joey

Let’s show a little respect to the man responsible for the “CUT. IT. OUT.” gesture and talking in a high-pitched woodchuck voice. Those two awesome innovations made him a God to women which lead to a brief relationship with Alanis Morissette leading her to write “You Oughtta Know” the comedy master. You can’t cage a spirit as wild as Dave Coulier.


ALF (aka Gordon Shumway) sadly has fallen on difficult times. After a string of failed marriages and tax problems, Shumway was found in low income housing project smoking kitty litter with a prostitute. And not scoopable kind either. The hard stuff.

But I prefer to remember the ALF that first beamed into our living rooms. The vivacious houseguest that quickly endeared himself as a member of the family.

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