In Honor Of Robert Hegyes: 6 Beloved Sitcom Stars We Should Appreciate More

Friday, January 27 by

Andy Keaton

Who could forget adorable little Andy Keaton? The tot joined Family Ties in the fifth season and was played by child actor, Brian Bonsall The floppy haired Bonsall stole America’s hearts as he was enthusiastically molded into the Mini-Me version of uber-Republican older brother Alex. Bonsall went on to star in a variety of other projects but hasn’t been acting too much in the last eighteen years. He did hit his friend in the face with a barstool though. That’s impressive.


Screech. The name says it all. Saved by the Bell’s geek was always getting into tough scrapes. Whether he was being troubled by bullies or campaigning for the affections of Lisa or selling his worldly belongings or losing his house or starring in porn or not being invited on Jimmy Fallon, he couldn’t help but get in over his head! Some of those things might have actually happened to Dustin Diamond, the actor who will forever be stuck with the nickname.

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