In Honor Of Robert Hegyes: 6 Beloved Sitcom Stars We Should Appreciate More

Friday, January 27 by
Pour a 40 for Robert Hegyes... 

Losing Robert Hegyes (Welcome Back, Kotter’s Epstein) has taken us here at Screen Junkies by surprise. I guess we just figured that he’d always be around and took for granted the fact that life is fleeting. We never called to check in on him or made sure to get birthday cards mailed before it was too late. Today has been a wake up call.

We need to start showing our beloved sitcom stars how much they really mean to us. That we appreciate them and the gift of repeated laughter they’ve given us over the years. That all changes today. Alexander Payne or Quentin Tarantino shouldn’t have to save them for obscurity to make us love them again. If you see any of the beloved sitcom characters below, please give them a hug from us.

J.J. Evans

J.J. Evans made America his bitch with three simple syllables, DYN-O-MITE. To deny his charm is to deny all things we know to be true. He’s even won over white supremacists. Here’s photographic proof.

Buddy Lembeck

Whose better than Buddy Lembeck? Eight is Enough star Willie Aames captured lightning in a bottle for a second time when he was cast as a loveable dope on Charles In Charge. You could always count on Buddy for the best punchlines.

With two hit shows under his belt, Aames himself is no stranger to keeping busy. In fact, he’s got a pretty diverse resume. Child star, drug addict, born again Christian, ordained minister, furniture builder, suicide survivor, financial advisor, bankruptcy petitioner, and assistant cruise ship director.

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