In Honor of Leap Day: Our 11 Favorite ‘Quantum Leap’ Episodes

Wednesday, February 29 by

“The Leap Home Part 1″ – Season Three, Episode One

Sam is frustrated when he leaps into the body of his teenage self. Despite all his efforts, he can’t change the futures of his brother and sister. With Al’s help, he realizes that he’s been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with his siblings again. He lightens up and leads the school basketball to a win in the Finals. He then leaps forward

“Honeymoon Express” – Season Two, Episode One

When Sam leaps into the body of a young man just married to a beautiful law student. However, her psychotic ex has followed them on the train they are traveling on with the intention of killing Sam’s host. He manages to thwart the killer but doesn’t leap. This is a good thing in Sam’s eyes as he’s developed feelings for the bride and would like to spend more time with her.

While helping her review materials for the bar exam, Sam points out a piece of info she missed. Had she taken the test without it, she would have failed. He then leaps immediately. Cut to the future where Al has been having a hard time convincing Congress to fund the Quantum Leap project. The young woman from the train is now the Congress member who embraces the Quantum Leap program and approves funding.

“Blood Moon” – Season Five, Episode Fourteen

Sam leaps into the body of an eccentric man believed to be an undead vampire. The artist, who lives a strange, gothic lifestyle, needs to save the life of his wife from being murdered by a crazed person who thinks they are a vampire.

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