It's Leap Day. So if some random scientist with an awesome head of hair jumps into your body and sets right the disasters in your life, do not be alarmed. That's simply what this rare day is all about.

And though we should take the time to appreciate Quantum Leap more often than every four years, we are honoring the beloved science fiction series here today. So, without much further ado, we present Quantum Leap's best episodes.

But not before we rock out to the opening theme.

"The Color of Truth" - Season One, Episode Six

The show dealt with issues of race many times, but the first season's "The Color of Truth" was the first time the subject was tackled. Sam leaps into the body of a black man who is the chaffeur to an old, racist widow. His purpose for being there is to save her from dying in an accident. He succeeds but his act of valor also causes the woman (with important political ties) to reassess her views about racial segregation.

"Jimmy" - Season Two, Episode Eight

Jimmy LaMotta is a character beloved by fans of the series. The developmentally-disabled adult appeared again in two season five episodes. However, we're first introduced to Jimmy when Sam leaps into his body to prove to Michael Madsen that he's competent enough to keep his job at the docks so that he doesn't spend the rest of his days in an institution.

"The Leap Home Part 1" - Season Three, Episode One

Sam is frustrated when he leaps into the body of his teenage self. Despite all his efforts, he can't change the futures of his brother and sister. With Al's help, he realizes that he's been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with his siblings again. He lightens up and leads the school basketball to a win in the Finals. He then leaps forward

"Honeymoon Express" - Season Two, Episode One

When Sam leaps into the body of a young man just married to a beautiful law student. However, her psychotic ex has followed them on the train they are traveling on with the intention of killing Sam's host. He manages to thwart the killer but doesn't leap. This is a good thing in Sam's eyes as he's developed feelings for the bride and would like to spend more time with her.

While helping her review materials for the bar exam, Sam points out a piece of info she missed. Had she taken the test without it, she would have failed. He then leaps immediately. Cut to the future where Al has been having a hard time convincing Congress to fund the Quantum Leap project. The young woman from the train is now the Congress member who embraces the Quantum Leap program and approves funding.

"Blood Moon" - Season Five, Episode Fourteen

Sam leaps into the body of an eccentric man believed to be an undead vampire. The artist, who lives a strange, gothic lifestyle, needs to save the life of his wife from being murdered by a crazed person who thinks they are a vampire.

"Goodbye Norma Jean" - Season Five, Episode Seventeen

Season Five went heavy on the historical references, and "Goodbye Norma Jean" is probably the best of the bunch. Sam leaps into Marilyn Monroe's chaffeur Dennis. He and Al believe they are there to prevent her death but the truth is that they only have to stave off her death long enough for her to make one final film.

"The Wrong Stuff" - Season Four, Episode Seven

This episode has it all. A chimp! A machine gun!! A CHIMP USING A MACHINE GUN!! Sam leaps into Bobo, an chimp in the space program. Unable to communicate with language, Sam has to find a way to reveal the corruption and abuse happening within the program to save his fellow primates and the scientist who loves them. Here, Bakula showed considerable range. He's the beta-Andy Serkis.

"The Boogie Man" - Season Three, Episode Five

In this episode, Sam leaps into the body of a horror novelist surrounded by death and mystery. Al and Ziggy are unable to find any information to help Sam. leaving him to solve the mystery himself. In the end, it turns out he was trapped in the novelists dream. However, when he awakes he helps an aspiring writer named Stevie who turns out to be a young Steven King.

"Killin' Time" - Season Five, Episode Four

Trapped in the body of a psychotic holding a woman and her daughter hostage, Sam must prevent the death of his captives. Sounds easy enough. However, his host has escaped the waiitng room in the future and Al must scramble to retrieve him before Sam is taken out by local law enforcement. The fact that Sam's host killed the Sheriff's daughter doesn't make matters any easier.

"Mirror Image" - Season Five, Episode Twenty-One

The final episode of the series causes debate amongst fans. On the one hand, it's sad because Sam chooses to not go home, but rather to go on and fix the one leap that went wrong - the happiness of his friend Al. Though he once had the opportunity to prevent Al's first wife from remarrying when he was a POW. in Vietnam, Sam didn't take the opportunity. He always regretted that action and decided to set that right before stepping into oblivion. It's an emotionally powerful episode second only to...

"The Leap Home Part 2" - Season Three, Episode Two

In the second half of "The Leap Home," Sam is able to save his brother's life in Vietnam. He leaps into the body of a soldier in Tom's unit and manages to save him during a mission to free prisoners-of-war. On Al's insistence, they abort the mission to save the troops and a wartime photojournalist dies in the place of Tom. Sam is conflicted about trading a life for his brother but is reassured when Al tells him that she did win a Pulitzer posthumously. The photo that wins her the honor is of a group of the captured POWs, the only one facing the camera is Al. He asserts that he denied his own freedom called for the mission abort in order to save Tom.

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