In Honor of Leap Day: Our 11 Favorite ‘Quantum Leap’ Episodes

Wednesday, February 29 by
Happy Leap Day 

It’s Leap Day. So if some random scientist with an awesome head of hair jumps into your body and sets right the disasters in your life, do not be alarmed. That’s simply what this rare day is all about.

And though we should take the time to appreciate Quantum Leap more often than every four years, we are honoring the beloved science fiction series here today. So, without much further ado, we present Quantum Leap’s best episodes.

But not before we rock out to the opening theme.

“The Color of Truth” – Season One, Episode Six

The show dealt with issues of race many times, but the first season’s “The Color of Truth” was the first time the subject was tackled. Sam leaps into the body of a black man who is the chaffeur to an old, racist widow. His purpose for being there is to save her from dying in an accident. He succeeds but his act of valor also causes the woman (with important political ties) to reassess her views about racial segregation.

“Jimmy” – Season Two, Episode Eight

Jimmy LaMotta is a character beloved by fans of the series. The developmentally-disabled adult appeared again in two season five episodes. However, we’re first introduced to Jimmy when Sam leaps into his body to prove to Michael Madsen that he’s competent enough to keep his job at the docks so that he doesn’t spend the rest of his days in an institution.

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