As Anderson Cooper losing of his shit last night demonstrated, news reporters aren’t robots. When they spend most of their time reporting about genocides and floods, they must need to vent a little. So when a mule kicks one of their colleagues, or when a co-anchor picks some unfortunate wording, the newsmen and women can either bite their lip until it bleeds, or just enjoy it, possibly at the expense of their integrity. Same goes for reporters that are antagonized by jerks, sprinklers, or even bugs.

With that in mind, and in honor of Anderson Cooper's on-air laughing fit, here are 9 other reporters who lost their sh*t on air. And for those of you who missed it, here's the Cooper video as well.

Classy, CNN.

9. Local News Team Laughs at Ridiculous Model Falling

These guys are 100% blame free. I mean, I don’t think the two spills this girl took on the runway were actually that funny, but you’re allowed to laugh at someone’s indignities when they've clearly and knowingly forfeited any dignity they might have had. How do I know that she forfeited her dignity? Because she’s carrying a watering can on the runways of Paris. Even if she hadn’t fell, she should be made fun of.

8. Studio Anchors Laugh at Field Reporter Douched with Sprinkler

Anchors Laugh at Reporter Sprayed by Sprinkler - Watch more Funny Videos

I’m not terribly familiar with the hierarchy of news stations, but I know that “anchor” is above “field reporter.” I mean, anchors laugh at field reporters all the time, but if the field reporter was to ever laugh at an anchor, a) it would be weird, because field reporters don’t have a video feed into the studio, and b) the anchor would probably order their execution then and there. So the field reporters just deal with it until they get their crack at the desk. Though it’s hard to state your case for a promotion when you’re dripping wet.

Sadly, it appears that they’re laughing with the reporter, rather than at him. Oh well. Maybe next time.

7. Weather “man” Sees the Most Terrifying Thing Ever – A Cockroach

No one ever said that meteorologists were a manly lot. Mostly because that would be a ridiculous thing to even think about, but also because, judging by this effeminate little pixie, it’s simply not true. Am I supposed to believe that this is the dude that’s gonna stand out on a pier during a hurricane in a slicker when he can’t even deal with a common household pest?

The tiny little shred of respect I had for weathermen is now gone.

6. Field Reporter Eats a Bug, Turns Ghetto

If you’re wondering why Chris Tucker hasn’t been making any movies recently, it’s because he’s been quietly living inside of this dude, waiting to jump out at the slightest provocation, cameras be damned.

5. Lady Gets Provoked, Thinks She’s a Dinosaur

Since I paid attention in Algebra II sophomore year in high school, I can identify the increase in this field reporter’s anger as “exponential.” On a scale of 1-100, with 1 being a Xanax IV drip and 100 being totally bitch-cakes, this interloper’s first intrusion results in a reaction of a 3 from our field reporter, his second garners a 9, then his third produces a reaction that reads as a whopping 81.


What do you think she did with him when she caught him? My money is "pounce on him like a feral chimp and bite out his eyes." We’ll never know, though.

4. Reporter Suffers a Fake Stroke

When Seren Branson went on this strange, nonsensical rant while covering the Grammys, the initial explanation was that she had suffered a stroke. As it turned out, she was fine, and simply lost her shit, which makes laughing at this clip completely acceptable. Feel free to laugh at her name, as well. "Seren?" Really, what the f**k is that?

3. Anchor Calls Field Reporter a Whore in the Most Delightful Way Possible

Not The First Time - Watch more Funny Videos

My theory? The male anchor had a liaison with the blonde reporter, but called it off after the third time she faked being pregnant so he would marry her. The thing is, he really did love her, and found a shoulder to cry on in the brunette anchor, who was trapped in a loveless marriage (but that’s neither here nor there). So when he calls Blondie out on this not being the first time she’s had nuts in her hair, he speaks from experience. And the brunette laughs at the barb because women always hate other women.

2. Studio Anchor Isn’t Afraid of Snakes, Then All of a Sudden, Is.

“I DIDN’T KNOW SNAKES MOVED! THEY’RE SCARY WHEN THEY MOVE! IT WAS EASY FOR ME TO BE BRAVE WHEN IT WAS MOTIONLESS, BUT A MOVING SNAKE IS A TERRIFYING SNAKE!” He then proceeds to hock a loogie and fall over, which is what news anchors do when snakes scare them.

1. Reporter Calmly and Thoughtfully Says “Cocksucker”

Reporter Says Cocksucker On Live TV - Watch more Funny Videos

On-air profanity: not just for outbursts anymore. This sports reporter has difficulty pronouncing a hockey player’s name (because a lot of them are from crazy countries) on the air, so he takes a deep breath, deliberately says, “cocksucker,” then takes it again from the top. What a pro. The desk hosts call it a blooper, but it seemed pretty intentional to me.