In Honor Of Anderson Cooper: 9 Videos Of Reporters Losing Their Sh*t

Thursday, August 18 by
"I haven't laughed this hard since that Earthquake in Japan!" 

As Anderson Cooper losing of his shit last night demonstrated, news reporters aren’t robots. When they spend most of their time reporting about genocides and floods, they must need to vent a little. So when a mule kicks one of their colleagues, or when a co-anchor picks some unfortunate wording, the newsmen and women can either bite their lip until it bleeds, or just enjoy it, possibly at the expense of their integrity. Same goes for reporters that are antagonized by jerks, sprinklers, or even bugs.

With that in mind, and in honor of Anderson Cooper‘s on-air laughing fit, here are 9 other reporters who lost their sh*t on air. And for those of you who missed it, here’s the Cooper video as well.

Classy, CNN.

9. Local News Team Laughs at Ridiculous Model Falling

These guys are 100% blame free. I mean, I don’t think the two spills this girl took on the runway were actually that funny, but you’re allowed to laugh at someone’s indignities when they’ve clearly and knowingly forfeited any dignity they might have had. How do I know that she forfeited her dignity? Because she’s carrying a watering can on the runways of Paris. Even if she hadn’t fell, she should be made fun of.

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