Hot new anchors keep your attention riveted not only on the news, but on them. The news seems all the more interesting with these sexy women telling it. You’ll always stay tuned to the latest happenings when watching these hot news anchor women. 

Martha McCallum. Smiling, blond Martha McCallum is a hot news anchor that joined the Fox News Channel in 2004.  Ms McCallum has a bachelor’s in Political Science from St. Lawrence University. Before her position on Fox, she was an anchor and reporter on the CNBC program “Morning Call.”

Veronica De la Cruz. This sexy anchor is a Filipino American on NBC’s “Early Today” show. Veronica became popular using social media to campaign for her ailing brother who needed a heart transplant. She was a competitive figure skater before embarking on a journalism career. 

Kiran Chetry. Kiran Chetry is a hot news anchor born in Nepal. Her father is Nepalese and her mother is Ukrainian.  Ms Chetry is co-anchor of CNN’s “American Morning.” Kiran made “Maxim’s” top ten sexiest news anchors in 2006.

Megyn Kellyn. Smart, sexy Megyn Kelly is a Fox new’s anchor. She graduated from Syracuse University and then continued her education at Albany Law School, where she was editor of the “Albany Law Review.” Watch her on “American Live” from one to three eastern time on Fox News Channel.

Lauren Sanchez. Ms Sanchez is a hot news anchor for the syndicated entertainment show, “Extra.” This Emmy award-winning journalist has also played in many films, including the blockbuster, “Fight Club.”  As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she’s also a contributor on hit shows such as “Larry King Live” and “Showbiz Tonight.”