Herman Cain And The 9 Craziest Campaign Videos Of Recent Years

Tuesday, October 25 by

Dwight McKenna – 2010

I’ve never thought about voting for coroner before. After viewing this commercial, I realize that is a very good thing, as this New Orleans coroner election ad scares the crap out of me. Apparently, if I vote for the other guy, Dr. Minyard, he and his evil slave Igor will harvest my organs after I die.

I understand this is germane to the office of coroner, but, out of curiosity, I would like to know where the 2012 presidential candidates stand on harvesting my organs. Maybe we could have a debate about it.

Jon Huntsman – 2012

This teaser commercial was made by the genius that produced the Carly Fiorino “sheep” video, so you know it’s gonna be good. What do we learn in this video?

Well, we learned that dirt biking is awesome, which I kind of knew anyway, I also learned that Jon Hunstman was in a band called wizard, and that he didn’t get famous after six days of being in that band. Or anytime after that.

I like this video because there is absolutely nothing to think about, even a little.

Herman Cain – 2012

We’re book-ending with Herman Cain because he’ taken the torch from Carly Fiorino and run with it in the realm of insane campaign ads. In this campaign announcement video, he’s riding a horse carrying YELLOW FLOWERS while some other dude drops a jaw-droppingly amazing “cock-a-doodle doo, ma’am” to some lady holding a chicken.

Midway through, during Justified’s Nick Searcy’s speech, look at the background where you will see the other actors kicking each other for no real reason.

Lastly, enjoy Herman Cain’s smile during the end bumper. It seems to say, “Oh my God, some of you are going to vote for me, aren’t you?”

So why did the guy carry yellow flowers? It doesn’t matter, America. It doesn’t matter.

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