Herman Cain And The 9 Craziest Campaign Videos Of Recent Years

Tuesday, October 25 by
Let's get him the White House AND a five-picture deal at DreamWorks.  

Herman Cain has kept the internet plugging along today with his newest campaign video (below). But does he really get to corner the market on ill-advised campaign videos? Of course not. We live in America, where around 80% of our politicians are certifiably crazy, so let’s remember that he’s party to just one of many weird campaign videos of the recent past.

Herman Cain – 2012

This spot is just fine until the last eight seconds or so, when the wheels just fall off. The close up of the Chief of Staff smoking a cigarette, the cheesy, cheesy song, and, of course, Herman Cain doing a slow turn towards the camera. You would half expect the White House to be condemned after two months if these guys moved in there.

Mike Gravel – 2008

This ad is called the “demon sheep” spot, quite fittingly. Just…just watch it, please.

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