The following good TV shows on Netflix are available via instant streaming. The shows below contain comedy, action, and drama. Avoid an expensive cable bill and tune in whenever you want by watching episodes of these shows through Netflix.

“Friday Night Lights”

Thi high school football drama is a good TV show on Netflix. The show stars Kyle Chandler, Taylor Kitsch, and Minka Kelly. Seasons 1-4 are available via instant streaming, and Season 5 is available for mailing.


This good action TV show is available instantly on Neflix. Watch all eight seasons and see Jack Bauer battle terrorist villains and bombings. Each show is presented in real-time, which makes this TV show a unique and exciting addition to your instant queue. 

“Arrested Development”

This one was cancelled too soon back in 2005. Catch this cult hit online by watching all three seasons of the show through Netflix. Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Michael Cera star as members of a highly dysfunctional Orange County family.


Mary Louise Parker stars as a suburban soccer mom who finds herself dealing marijuana. The first five seasons are available via instant streaming, and Season Six can be ordered for mail-in.

“The Office”

Catch up with the first six seasons of this funny comedy about corporate America. Steve Carell stars as Michael, the clueless boss of a Scranton paper company. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski co-star in this good show on Netflix.


All six seasons of the now retired TV show are available on Netflix Instant. Go through and watch season by season to see if you can unlock the mystery of the island and understand the controversial finale.

“South Park”

If you want to find a show with a ton of Neflix Instant options, check out all twelve seasons of “South Park”. Available for instant streaming, you can settle in for a long, politically incorrect TV marathon.

“Jersey Shore”

Some may argue about the quality of this TV show, but it’s no secret that “Jersey Shore” is a hugely popular phenomenon. Now you can watch Season 2 of this TV show on Netflix Instant and see Snooki and the gang in all their Jersey glory.

-Layla Sinclair