The dearly departed HBO sitcom "Flight of the Conchords" was great at combining fantastic musical sequences with great deadpan humor. Today we focus on the latter half of that equation. The two folk rockers from New Zealand, along with their hapless manager Murray, have a real knack for quotable lines for all kinds of situations. Here are just a few. So get ready to get groovy and funny with these "Flight of the Conchords" quotes.

"You need to work on your people skills." "Shut up, Bret." This quote from an exchange between Jemaine and Bret is a great example of the kind of gag "Flight of the Conchords" could do perfectly - one character says one thing, and then another person says a thing that unwittingly contradicts it. There's undoubtedly a TV comedy name for this type of gag, but it might as well be called a "Conchord," and this is one of the best Conchords in the show's history.

"Oh, flip." Here's a quote that your mom who told you not to swear so much will appreciate. It's a frequent go-to expletive from Bret, and it's great for pretty much any situation. The ghost of David Bowie (never mind that David Bowie is alive) told you to flash your genitals during a job interview? "Oh, flip!" And if it works there, you know it will work in almost any situation.

"Wear the eyepatch, Bret." Here's a quote from the aforementioned David Bowie, who (as played by Jemaine Clement) visits Bret in a dream and gives him all sorts of wonderful advice, including this quote. Consider it a kind of hip New Zealand variation on "use the Force, Luke," except involving an eyepatch. It might be even easier to convince a love one in your life to adopt the eyepatch look if you use a New Zealand accent.

"You're like a couple of cool-looking idiots." We've all encountered cool-looking idiots in our daily lives. If we're lucky, we've even BEEN cool-looking idiots at least once or twice. Here's a good quote from FoTC band manager Murray to describe the next pair of well-dressed morons you run across. It might not be clever, but it gets the job done. Kind of like Murray himself.

"I would never go out with an Australian!" In the world of "Flight of the Conchords," there's no greater evil on planet Earth than Australians. They're loud, crude, arrogant, obnoxious, and just plain bad. We wouldn't recommend voicing this quote to an actual Australian unless you know he's a "Conchords" fan. Besides, most Australians are wonderful, perfectly dateable people. Still, this is a good quote for the odd bad Australian apple you might come across.

These "Flight of the Conchords" are groovy and funny, with an emphasis on the latter, just like the show itself. Use it the next time you want to convince friends and loved ones that you're as cool and witty as New Zealand's fourth most popular folk novelty duo.