From Self-Absorbed To Sexual Predator: 12 Steps In The Devolution Of Dennis Reynolds From ‘Always Sunny’

Tuesday, December 13 by

Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender

Dennis has his dating life turned upside down when posters of a recently released sex offender go up all over town, and the convict looks just like him. He initially tries to play up his differences to the criminal by donning a fake moustache and taking off his shirt to show how chiseled he is, as opposed to the man in the posters. And he tries to teach fitness to children, to show that he cares about kids, and would never hurt them. It works out very poorly, and shows that while not a sex offender (at least not registered), Dennis is pretty out of touch with the norms of suspicious behavior.

The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis

After drawing a graph featuring more of his famous “large breasted women” sketches, Dennis, along with Mac and Charlie, tries to get a loan for an poorly conceived gasoline scheme. When they are turned down, Dennis immediately takes off his shirt in the bank and offers to bang the female loan officer, confident that she will be unable to turn him down. She does, which he of course blames on Mac and Charlie also taking off their shirts. Dennis’ narcissism is sky high, as is his surprise at the existence of a female loan officer.

Mac’s Banging the Waitress

This is a big step in the case towards Dennis being a pervert. It is discovered that Dennis not only videotapes all of his sexual encounters, but he also catalogues and rates the tapes. More disturbing is that his friends seem to be aware of this, and regard it as normal, at least for Dennis. Even more disturbing than that is the revelation that all the tapes are shot from the rear angle, so that only Dennis’ balls and ass are visible. Actually, this is what his friends seem to take issue with more than anything.

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