From Self-Absorbed To Sexual Predator: 12 Steps In The Devolution Of Dennis Reynolds From ‘Always Sunny’

Tuesday, December 13 by
Full on rapist?  

While watching episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia over the years, a subtle but consistent pattern has emerged. The character of Dennis Reynolds, in addition to being vain and arrogant, has been slowly morphing into a full blown sexual predator. Whether it involves teabagging friends or demanding full penetration in action films, Dennis has been dropping constant hints over the last seven seasons that he is seriously sexually deranged. This week’s season finale may shed new light on just how creepy Dennis is (Update: Now that it’s aired, I was referring to the secret compartment in his car containing what can only be described as a rape kit… “I like to bind – I like to be bound!”), but in the meantime, lets examine some of the greatest moments in his disgusting, perverted, teabagging glory.

Underage Drinking: A National Concern

When the gang starts letting high school kids drink at the bar, it opens up a potential disaster for everyone, but especially Dennis. A high school senior blackmails him into taking her to the prom, and she threatens to tell the cops about Paddy’s newly liberal I.D. policy if Dennis doesn’t comply. Although the girl in question claims to be 18, Dennis is still nervous and shows resistances to dating her, acknowledging how wrong it seems. This little bit of conscience he displays doesn’t last throughout the series, however.

Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom

Dennis is alarmed to discover that Mac has slept with his mom. He is even more horrified to discover that his attempts at revenge sex with Mac’s Mom and later Charlie’s mom are roundly rejected. His willingness to sleep with either of these women just for revenge is pretty disgusting, and is one of the early red flags at how detached Dennis is from intimacy.

The Aluminum Monster Vs. Fatty McGoo

Upon learning that a former high school classmate has hit it big with a women’s clothing store, Dennis tries to sell her his fashion designs, which mostly consist of his crude drawings of large breasted women (these drawings appear repeatedly). The most fascinating moment of the episode comes when Dennis, while having his designs turned down, reveals that the words “no”, “don’t” and “stop” never work on him, because he’s “a winner.” The second most fascinating moment comes when Dennis puts on lipstick and a dress and attempts to model the clothes himself. It’s bizarre, disquieting and awesome rolled into one.

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