Dexter Morgan’s 9 Greatest Kills

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Camilla Figg -“Easy As Pie” Season Three

Though we grew accustomed to Dexter offing someone just about every episode, we got an unexpected turn in season three: a mercy killing. Camilla was a filer at Miami Metro who had known Dexter since he was a boy. And, because, she had access to his file, she also knew about his past and knew that he’d be able to put her out of her deathbed misery. Her preferred method of dispatch? Death by pie. Seemed like a lot of run around when all those perfectly good pillows were right there.

Little Chino – “Waiting to Exhale” Season Two

For Dexter, Little Chino is the one who got away… twice. Which means Dexter is a dead man if he doesn’t find a way to take down the angry giant before the tables are turned on him. But it’s nothing that alligator tranquilizers and a pole syringe shouldn’t be able to handle. After trapping Chino in a stalled elevator car, Dexter stabs the drugs into his throat through the open grate. He then somehow manages to carry him to a kill room where he reopens his cheek and gets his mojo back, stabbing the man through the heart.

George King – “Do You Take Dexter Morgan?” Season Three

The hard-to-catch killer known as “The Skinner” gripped Miami in fear, skinning his victims and leaving their corpses to be found on the street. Obviously, he was Miami Metro’s number one priority. However, Dexter had a tough time catching him, as the killer covered his tracks so well. Luckily, he came looking for Dexter. But seconds before finding himself skinned, Dexter escaped, broke the man’s neck, and threw him under an approaching cop car — skinning his face off in the process. All’s well that ends well.

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