Dexter Morgan’s 9 Greatest Kills

Monday, December 19 by
That's some good knifin'. 

Season six of Dexter ended last night with another ritualistic killing long in the making, thus ending the reign of the Doomsday Killer. I’ll never look at the Book of Revelations the same way again.

While this season did serve up some awesome gore, it certainly has some tough competition in the murder department. Over the years, some of the gnarliest deaths on television have happened on Dexter. Here’s a rundown of the killer of killers‘ best kills. Hopefully, it will hold you over until next season.

Nathan Marten – “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” Season Three

The code that Dexter lives by only allows him to kill fellow killers, but if his kids are involved, it’s personal. When a convicted sex offender takes an interest in his girlfriend’s daughter, Dexter pays him a visit. That visit ends with Dexter strangling him. While disposing of the body, he remembers he was supposed to pick up milk, so he retrieves it from the sex offender’s fridge. Ever the provider.

Cole Harmon – “Take It” Season Five

Cole Harmon was serving as the muscle in a ring of rapists and murderers, so Dexter needed to take him out before he could get to the crew’s ringleader, Jordan Chase. This was no small task, as Cole was as high-profile as he was twisted and evil. He was even able to smash through doors like Michael Myers. Dexter needed a little help with this one and recruited Lumen, Harmon’s only victim to have ever escaped. Putting a knife into the heart of her torturer proved to be a turn-on as it lead her directly into Dexter’s arms. That’s definitely a chapter that Neil Strauss didn’t cover in The Game.

Mike Donovan – “Dexter” Season One

Dexter’s first on-screen kill introduced us to his hobby with one small exception. His normal M.O. is to subdue and drug his victims. Then they wake to find they have been strapped to a table in a kill room tailored to their particular crimes. Dexter then makes them face photos of their victims, before he shames them and takes a drop of blood from their cheek. He then plunges a knife into their chest.

I guess his printer was broken this time around because in the case of the child-murderer choir master, he actually dug up the remains of the victims to hold before him, stating, “It took me a long time to get these little boys clean.”

Ummm… welcome to television. Let me just set a TiVo alert.

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