It may not be hardcore porn, but these Cinemax After Dark movies will help you get the job done in those desperate late night hours. From the moment it hit the airwaves, Cinemax After Dark became a haven for lonely men and drunk frat boys to get a glimpse of some bare naked boobies on those sad, lonely nights. The invention of the internet hasn’t slowed production of the folks that make Cinemax After Dark movies. While they may not be as heavy as the stuff you may find online, they are always good for a laugh and are a fun prelude to sexy time.

"Alien Sex Files 3: Alien Babes"

The third installment of this Cinemax After Dark movie series may be the hottest and the lamest movie of the series. At long last these busty aliens have managed to lure mankind into their web with the promise of sex and interesting new probes. Unfortunately for these alien hotties, the humans are onto them leading to an all-out sextacular war of the worlds.

"Dark Fantasies"

In search for a little extra cash, a group of smoking hot college students decide to participate in a sleep study. What starts off as a plan to make a few extra bucks quickly turns deadly and sexy as the experiment awakens the lusty desires and the inner demons of the participants. Now the group has to find a way to conquer their demons while working in some sexy time. The acting is lame and the monsters are cheesy, but it’s the sex scenes that make this Cinemax After Dark movie worth watching.

"Online Crush"

Every guy that has logged onto an online dating site has longed for the kind of experience played out in this Cinemax After Dark movie. Trying to get back into the swing of things after his last relationship took a nose dive, a nameless single guy decides to give online dating a try. In the world of cyber space he meets an amazing woman who is willing to make all of his sexual fantasies come true. Can they keep up the intensity in the real world or is their lust doomed to the realm of online fantasy?

"Secret Lives"

This Cinemax After Dark movie finds the purveyors of the worlds finest softcore porn trying to inject a little humor into their dirty little sex dramas. A lawyer and his beautiful detective girlfriend find themselves on opposite sides of the same case. Since they’re both bound by law to protect the interests of their clients, the pair results to sexpionage to get information from each other. The jokes are lame, but the sex is hot and the people are beautiful. Exactly what you have come to expect from a Cinemax After Dark movie.

"Busty Coeds vs Lusty Cheerleaders"

If you like a movie that has tons of girl on girl action, then you’ll enjoy this Cinemax After Dark movie. It’s the annual Hottie of the Year competition and every girl on campus has her eye on the  prize. The movie revolves around a group of sorority girls and cheerleaders who will do anything—including each other—to be named Hottie of the Year.