Cheer Up, Rick Perry: 7 Great Political Gaffes Caught On Video

Thursday, November 10 by

Hillary Clinton Sniper Fire

During the 2008 primaries, Hillary Clinton tried to look street by boasting that she landed in Bosnia under heavy sniper fire. B.F.D., it’s not like she was piloting. This story blew up in her face when footage emerged of her being greeted with a little girl reading a poem, not gunfire.

Maybe the little girl was a Trojan Horse used to ambush Clinton. I wouldn’t put anything past Bosnia.

Mission Accomplished

Early on in the War in Iraq, Bush went on national television and prematurely declared “Mission Accomplished.” Eight years and hundreds of thousands of military and civilian causalities later, the fighting was finally deemed over. To make matters worse, Bush played dress up by strutting across the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in a flight suit as if he’d just personally dropped a nuclear bomb in Osama bin Laden‘s lap. I’m surprised he didn’t insist on playing beach volleyball after the address.

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