Cheer Up, Rick Perry: 7 Great Political Gaffes Caught On Video

Thursday, November 10 by

The Hip Hop Stylings of Karl Rove

The Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner has given us so much in the past few years. It’s the perfect chance for our world leaders to cut loose and share a laugh or two with members of the media. When done correctly.

Other times, it’s the perfect venue for political disambiguation. Like when Karl Rove chose to dance and freestyle rap in the wackest way imaginable. Malibu’s Most Wanted was less painful.

Bush Jokes About WMDs

The Radio & Television Correspondents’ Dinner was also the place where George W. Bush decided to share his funny side. The President prepared a skit where he searched for the elusive WMD’s himself in different areas of The White House. They’ve got to be somewhere, amiright?!! Suffice to say that after guiding the country to war under false pretenses and personal agendas and then laughing about it in the face of the press, Bush’s comedy career proved short-lived.

Zombie McCain

It’s amazing just how uncoached presidential candidates can be. Especially at a debate that decides whether or not they will lead the free world. John McCain was caught on camera sticking out his tongue and posing like a zombie after he accidentally walked the wrong direction on stage. He was begging to be Photoshopped. America wants a leader. Not a LOLCat.

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