Cheer Up, Rick Perry: 7 Great Political Gaffes Caught On Video

Thursday, November 10 by

Rick Perry went blank at last nights GOP debate while announcing the three federal agencies he would target to tame the budget deficit. “Oops,” he proclaimed after stammering for 43 seconds, trying to name the final one. Many theorize that this was the death blow to his campaign. How dare a candidate stammer and, umm…  what’s the word  I’m looking for? Um… ummm…. well, screw it. It’s gone now.

Cheer up, though, Rick Perry. Your blunder wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as these famous political screw ups.

Howard Dean

Howard Dean’s campaign for the Democratic nomination fell to shit after he admitted a spastic scream while working the crowd at a rally. I love the idea that someone can be in a room filled with their strongest supporters, but as soon as they do something dorky, it’s all over. It’s the political equivalent of your wife catching you watching Torchwood.

Sarah Palin with Katie Couric

Katie Couric‘s interview of Sarah Palin confirmed everyone’s suspicion that the vice presidential candidate didn’t have too much going for her in the smarts department. She failed to mention any Supreme Court rulings beyond Roe v. Wade, couldn’t recall the names of any of the newspapers she reads (“All of ‘em, any of ‘em”), and got her head stuck in a honeypot.

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