Before They Were ‘Sons Of Anarchy': A Look Back At The Cast’s Early Roles

Tuesday, September 6 by

Maggie Siff

Maggie Siff is no stranger to playing the one that got away. Before becoming Jax’s old lady, we all got to know Siff as Rachel on Mad Men where she played hard to get with Don Draper. Of course, she was ultimately powerless to his advances. It’s that chin.

Mark Boone Junior

Before we knew his as Bobby, we knew him as “Hey, it’s that guy!” And one of his that guy roles was Scars in The Quick and the Dead, where he squares off against a pre-fame Leonardo DiCaprio. He does not end up in the “Quick” category.

Kim Coates

Before serving as Sam Crow’s Sergeant at Arms, Kim Coates appeared in a variety of roles. Most memorably was his role as the Drifter in Waterworld. But that assumes you saw Waterworld. Trust me. He was in it.

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