Before They Were ‘Sons Of Anarchy': A Look Back At The Cast’s Early Roles

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Wherever you have an ensemble cast, you most likely have a string of bizarre and/or embarrassing early roles played by the actors. Or, in the case of Sons of Anarchy, you have early credits that are polar opposites of the characters they play now. Have a look at the tough as nails ladies and gentlemen of SAMCRO before they grew out their hair and got bugs in their teeth.

Charlie Hunnam

Before joining Sam Crow, Charlie Hunnam was a member of a very different gang when he played Nathan Maloney on the hit drama Queer as Folk.

Ron Perlman

With hundreds of credits to his name, Ron Perlman has appeared in all manner of film, television, and theater roles. But only one of these roles required him to dress like a lion. Before he was Clay, he was a big hit on television as Beauty and the Beast‘s Vincent, the love interest to Linda Hamilton. And these were back in the days when Hamilton was really hot, so you know Garfield must have had a really charming personality.

Katey Sagal

Of course, everyone remembers Katey Sagal as the undomesticated housewife Peggy Bundy on Married With Children, but it’s still almost hard to believe. Sagal’s portrays the characters as polar opposites, with one likely to burn the roast and the other to burn a cigarette out on your face.

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