Before They Joined The Gang: A Look Back At The ‘Always Sunny’ Cast

Thursday, September 15 by

David Hornsby (Rickety Cricket) – Denny Mullet in The Mullets

Before he was the broken and battered former priest on Always Sunny, Hornsby was cast in the mercifully short-lived comedy, The Mullets. Of course, he was also on Six Feet Under, but I liked this picture a lot better.

Glenn Howerton (Dennis) – Lilac Young Tough in Serenity

Glenn Howerton might be the one exception to the rule about actors taking on a lot of shit roles before making it big. He actually has a comparatively light resume, with Sunny occurring early on in his career. Still, Joss Wheadon fanboys will remember him as the improbably named Lilac Young Tough from Serenity, the big-screen version of Firefly. Nothing too weird here, except for his name. We recommend you ask him to sign with it if you ever run into him and want an autograph.

Sandy Martin (Mrs. Mac) – Grandma in Napoleon Dynamite

Before she was Mac’s strangely masculine, chain-smoking mother, Sandy Martin played Grandma in Napoleon Dynamite. I think she had more lines in that movie than she has during her entire run on Always Sunny.

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