Before They Joined The Gang: A Look Back At The ‘Always Sunny’ Cast

Thursday, September 15 by

Charlie Day (Charlie) – Jeremy in Law & Order

Charlie Day appeared on Law & Order in an episode about a reality show cast member who kills one of his castmates. I wonder if this role laid the foundation for “America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model” plot line.

Danny DeVito (Frank) – Andy in The Van

While DeVito has starred in a ton of different roles, few people have seen this ripe slice of 1970’s cheese, and it’s a damn shame, because the movie is a lot of fun. The key part of this film for Sunny fans is when DeVito’s character asks “What’s the action?” If you don’t think he held onto that nugget for 30 years waiting for the right time to use it somewhere else, you place too much faith in the chance of lightning striking twice.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis (The Waitress) – Inbred Twin in Reno911!

Before she was the object of Charlie’s desire, Mary Elizabeth Ellis co-starred along side her now husband Charlie Day on Reno-911! The pair played “inbred twins,” which seems fitting. But honestly, why does Ellis always land characters without actual names?

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