The Starz show "Party Down" was sadly canceled after two seasons, despite the fact that it was one of the funnier television comedies made in the past decade. This was partly because of the excellent writing and great concept of caterers going to a different location each episode, keeping the comedy fresh and hilarious. But it was also because of an outstanding cast of seasoned actors really embodying their characters. Check out some details on the "Party Down" cast below and be sure to check it out if you ever get a chance.

Henry Pollard, played by Adam Scott. Arguably the lead character on the show, Adam Scott played Henry Pollard, a failed actor who has joined a catering crew to make some extra money. He wrestles with becoming an actor again, as well as making catering a full time gig.

Ron Donald, played by Ken Marino. Ken Marino is best known from his time on the hit sketch comedy series "The State," and brings his comedic brilliance to Ron Donald, the boss of the "Party Down" catering crew who has bigger dreams in the future.

Kyle Bradway, played by Ryan Hansen. One of the newest faces on the "Party Down" cast, Ryan Hansen played pretty boy actor Kyle Bradway, who was always meeting girls and also being an idiot. He proved he was an excellent comedic actor throughout this series.

Martin Starr, as Roman DeBeers. You might recognize Martin Starr from his days as the uber-dorky kid on "Freaks and Geeks," all grown up. He plays the hilariously cynical Roman DeBeers who is a "writer," and only does catering part-time.

Lizzy Caplan, as Casey Klein. Constantly moody due to the ups and downs of her acting career, the sharp tongued and cute Casey Klein is played by Lizzy Caplan. She ends up getting into a relationship with Henry Pollard, creating one of the more realistic love stories ever seen in a comedy, despite "Party Down's" short-lived time on-air.