A Timeline Of Television’s Same-Sex Weddings

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Archie Comics is trying hard to make sure the Life With Archie comic is hella relevant with people who don’t know what the hell it is. Issue #16 features the same-sex marriage of a gay character who was wounded in Iraq.

I have no problems with same-sex marriage, but this just seems a little overdone. This used to be a comic about watching a stoned kid eat a lot of ice cream while the two hottest girls in town fought over a ginger. When did it become Grey’s Anatomy?

At any rate, Archie is blazing new trails in the world of comics by making it okay to explore gay marriage. All eyes will undoubtedly be on She-Hulk now. You’re not fooling anybody. But when it comes to gay marriage, television was years ahead of the curve, at least when compared to Archie. Here’s a look at the timeline of television’s same-sex marriages.

Roc – “Can’t Help Loving That Man”

Airdate: October 20, 1991

Roseanne and Friends get a lot of credit for featuring television’s first same-sex marriage, but it was actually Fox‘s Roc that bravely pushed that envelope first when Roc’s uncle married his partner.

Northern Exposure – “I Feel The Earth Move”

Airdate: May 2, 1994

Cicely, Alaska’s B&B owners Ron and Erick made honest men out of one another when they wed in this fifth season episode.

Roseanne – “December Bride”

Airdate: December 12, 1995

When Roseanne stepped in to help her boss Leon plan his wedding to Fred Willard, it all almost goes to sh*t. However, Roseanne is able to step in at the last minute and save the day. I still find it rude that Christopher Guest wasn’t invited.

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