9 TV Shows That Lasted Way Too Long

Wednesday, October 5 by

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ABC should have stuck a fork in this one once the kids hit puberty. It was disturbing to watch them slowly mutate over eight seasons. Risky move for family television.

The X-Files

The X-Files was in trouble before David Duchovny decided to leave. Why they would drag the series on after his departure is as mysterious as the subject matter itself. The story was enthralling for the first five seasons, but when the film X-Files: Fight the Future only served up more questions and no resolution, it was obvious the writers didn’t know where the story was heading after all. By the end, it was one big confusing soap opera with spaceships and guys with black eyes.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Let’s suppose that Buffy stayed dead when she sacrificed herself by jumping into the portal to the Hell dimensions, and wasn’t resurrected and didn’t move from The WB to the budgetarily-challenged UPN Network. What did we really gain from the sixth and seventh seasons, besides the musical episode, of course? That was awesome television, but was it worth it to see such a beloved and unique serie choke on its own vomit before passing out and farting itself to death?

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