9 Talk Shows That Crashed And Burned Faster Than ‘Lopez Tonight’

Wednesday, August 10 by
Adiós Amigo! 

After nearly two years on the air, TBS has canceled George Lopez’s talk show, Lopez Tonight, due to low ratings. After moving the show back by an hour to make way for Conan O’Brein, Lopez’s audience fell off by nearly 40%, and never recovered from the drop. But in all fairness to Conan, the later time slot only exacerbated an existing problem: the fact that the show was about as funny as stapling your scrotum to your thigh. But me bashing George Lopez for not being funny is like Michael Jackson bashing Amy Winehouse for reckless drug use. So instead of poking fun at a man who has achieved more success than most of us could even fathom, I’ll just point out nine other talk-show hosts who crashed and burned even harder than he did. Enjoy.

Also, please note that you will be watching a lot of clips from the 80’s and early 90’s, so prepare yourself for an outrageous amount of saxophone.

The Pat Sajak Show - Jan., 1989 to Apr., 1990

Those of you who aren’t old enough to remember the 80’s are blessed. It was an awful time, as evidenced by this clip. Yes, that’s Pat Sajak, the guy who hosts Wheel of Fortune. There’s no reason to particularly dislike the man, but seeing that sweater in the intro is enough to make people change the channel. However, he was ahead of his time on the whole Betty White craze.

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