9 Reality Stars Who Ended Up Dead

Friday, August 19 by

Mike Starr – Celebrity Rehab

Best known as the bassist from Alice In Chains, Mike Starr had appeared on television in recent years when he checked into Celebrity Rehab to fight his drug addiction. According to his roommate, he was mixing methadone and anxiety medication hours before his death.

Pedro Zamora - Real World

Pedro Zamora used reality television to educate and show the world what it means to live your life when HIV-positive. As a cast member of The Real World: San Francisco, Zamora spoke openly about his gay lifestyle and his work as an AIDS educator. Zamora’s personal struggle ended when he passed one day after the final episode of The Real World: San Francisco.

Jennifer Lyon – Survivor

After finishing fourth place, Survivor: Palau contestant Jennifer Lyon tragically lost her battle with breast cancer. She blogged about her experience with the disease as well as her treatment, providing hope to others who may also become afflicted.

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