9 Reality Stars Who Ended Up Dead

Friday, August 19 by

The news that reality star Russell Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took his life this week has been all over the press. As more details come to light, Armstrong’s family now points their finger toward the pressures of appearing on the show as one of the reasons he ended up dead. It’s an odd feeling when a reality star passes away. We’re more than happy to watch their everyday life, but it feels especially shocking when they die in the public eye. Though, it’s not a new phenomenon by any stretch. Here are nine stars of reality television who have passed away.

Ryan Dunn – Jackass

The world was shocked when the Jackass star died earlier this year in a tragic car crash.  Though his candle was snuffed out at too young of an age, Dunn’s legacy will continue to live on with the cast mates he left behind.

Billy Mays – Pitchmen

Shortly after the death of Michael Jackson, the world was dealt a double-blow when the famous salesman died of a heart attack.

Jeff Conaway – Celebrity Rehab

A severe opiate addiction eventually cost Celebrity Rehab star Jeff Conaway his life. Conaway was taken off life support while in a medically-induced coma after suffering from pneumonia and sepsis.

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