With the much anticipated seventh season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia under way, we thought it would be nice to have a little refresher. For this list, we'll take a look back at the gang's most misguided money-making schemes. Hard to believe they didn't earn a single dollar from any of the harebrained plans outlined below. I mean, c'mon. Really, what kitten wouldn't be smitten by its own pair of mittens?

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"Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare"

Season 2, Episode 3

Agreeing that free money sounds pretty good, Dennis and Dee decide to apply for welfare. However, there are a few obstacles they need to overcome in order to prove their eligibility. Posing as a recovering crack addict and a mentally retarded person respectively, the siblings learn they need medical documents and a blood test to back their claims. They regroup and smoke crack before taking a blood test. However, they quickly become addicted and end up cleaning toilets for crack money.

"The Gang Exploits A Miracle"

Season 2, Episode 7

When a water stain resembling the Virgin Mary appears at Paddy's Pub, Frank sees it as a potential goldmine. It isn't long before the bar is crawling with Holy Rollers eager to be involved with the miracle. Unfortunately, the water stain is later pissed on and the scam is ruined.

"Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead"

Season 3, Episode 3

Dennis inherits his mom's house after she dies during a botched plastic surgery procedure. His plans to turn it into a party mansion don't get off the ground so well when the muscular bicep invite is misinterpreted.

"The Gang Solves The North Korea Situation"

Season 3, Episode 6

Seeking to make cash hand over fist in the annual pub crawl, the Paddy's Pub gang set out to shut down their number one competitor -- the Korean bar down the street. Naturally, they end up almost exposing a 12-year-old girl's breasts to their patrons.

"The Gang Gets Whacked"

Season 3, Episodes 12 & 13

In an effort to pay off a $25,000 debt to the mafia, the gang branches off with their own money making schemes. Charlie and Dee become sellers of illegal narcotics, while Frank pimps Dennis out as a male escort to the country club crowd.

"The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis"

Season 4, Episode 2

Dennis, Mac, and Charlie become door-to-door gasoline salesmen, which seems like a pretty sweet up. All you need is a trashcan. You fill it with gasoline. Then yo drive around town in a van with no brakes. Much more lucrative than envelope stuffing.

"The Gang Exploits The Mortgage Crisis"

Season 5, Episode 1

In order to sell an already inhabited home, Mac and Dennis play "Good Realtor and Bad Realtor," assigning their characters the names Hugh Honey and Vic Vinegar. However, their dreams of become real estate hot shots go down in flames when Frank injures the underage inhabitants while having them do hard labor.

"Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens"

Season 5, Episode 8

The gang become inventors when a merchandising convention comes to town. Their creations include Nudey Pens, the Dick Towel (a towel that creates the illusion of having a huge dick), and Kitten Mittens.

"Mac and Charlie Write A Movie"

Season 5, Episode 11

When M. Night Shyamalan comes to town for his latest film, Mac and Charlie see an opportunity to pitch him their film idea, which would cast Dolph Lundgren as a muscular scientist who can smell crime. It being a Shyamalan film, naturally it would need a huge twist. In this case, the twist would be that Lundgren beds his sexy young lab assistant and we see it all -- full penetration. Then he goes on to fight more bad guys. Then he bones the assistant again until the movie just sorta ends. Already sounds better than Devil or The Happening.

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