9 ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Plots That Actually Happened

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Sweet Dee’s Dating A Retarded Person

Always Sunny: When Dee starts dating a moderately successful rapper who may or may not be retarded, the whole gang wants to prove that they have what it takes to be a musician. When Charlie is rejected from joining the band, he returns to his apartment and starts huffing paint. After Dennis is kicked out of his own band he returns to Charlie’s apartment so that the two can team up. From this paint huffing and despair is born “Day Man.”

Real Life: Although not an exact match, Charlie most closely resembles the genius that is Alison “the huffer” from A&E’s “Intervention”.

Perhaps she wasn’t huffing paint with the hopes of composing some of the raddest tunes around, but the results of her behavior (an irrational fear of light) are identical to Charlie’s.

Dennis & Dee Go On Welfare

Always Sunny: When looking for ways to jump start their nonexistent careers, Dennis and Dee team up and go on welfare in order to keep afloat while working to become a Broadway star and veterinarian, respectively. However, it’s the lengths they go to in order to make this scheme work that really proves the true nature of their degeneracy. Dennis & Dee decide to start smoking crack to prove to the establishment that they are not over privileged brats.

Real Life: It turns out faking the government isn’t anything new. Like Dennis & Dee, Kim Johnson saw the opportunity of financial shortcut called welfare and had a $40,000 Escalade to prove it. Instead of saying she was addicted to crack like Dennis & Dee, Kim alleged that she was immobile and in need of 24-hour assistance. Too bad that was a lie and she got caught, proving once again, if the cast of IASIP has attempted a scheme with poor results, don’t bother trying it.


Dennis Looks Like A Registered Sex Offender

Always Sunny: When a registered sex offender who looks like Dennis moves to the area, he and Dee set out to make sure that no one in Philadelphia could mistake him for his perverted doppelganger. Of course, everything goes totally wrong. The plan is to prove that Dennis is not the molester (Wendell Albright). To do this, they put a fake mustache on Dennis and take him to a playground. Once there, he takes off his shirt to prove he isn’t the fat molester and tries to work with children on their fitness. As you can see from the picture, this plan was not well thought out.

Real Life: Similarly, Richard Bryan Smith had the misfortune of having the same name and birthday of a registered sex offender. After he cleared his own name and face, he left the California area he was living in to star new. His biggest mistake was when he casually told a neighbor that he had the same name and birthday and a registered sex offender, and that neighbor, like Dee, started a smear campaign, believing that Smith really was a sex offender. Unfortunately for Smith, intimidating the actual sex offender into leaving wasn’t an option, and he had to suffer through his neighbors harassing him.


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