9 ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Plots That Actually Happened

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People have actually tried this. 

The genius behind It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is that it doesn’t merely rely on its sordid, off-the-wall humor. What’s more important to the show is the fact that the characters are willing to do almost anything for their own self-serving needs, especially when money is involved. No scheme is too absurd for the gang, which makes sense, since they are fictional. After all, who in their right mind would sell gas door-to-door or dress in reverse drag to compete as a professional athlete?

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However, like it or not, many of these crackpot schemes have been executed by real-life degenerates, the sort of which make Dee, Dennis, Mac, Charlie and Frank look like saints. Now, we can’t say if some of these are life imitating art or vice-versa, but chances are they happened organically, which gives me very little faith in humanity.

Here are nine examples of plots from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia being implemented in real life.

The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis

Always Sunny: This is a classic episode of IASIP in which the characters each acquire a theme based alias: Dennis is the looks, Mac the brains, and Charlie the wildcard. And when this trifecta of awesome comes together, they devise one of their most lame-brained schemes of all time: reselling gasoline door-to-door in the short term while hoarding gas long-term in the basement of Paddy’s Pub and selling it once the price doubles. As you can imagine, everything goes very, very wrong.

Real Life: Likewise, Bridgewater, Massachusetts had a wicked hard controversy when the Department Of Water & Power Commissioner Dana Olson was caught on tape illegally purchasing gas from Amy Nobel. Nobel, like the gang, had stored gallons of gasoline in her home and was reselling it on the cheap. Unlike the gang, her husband stole the gas from his employer, Conoco Phillips in East Boston. If only the Looks, Brains & Wildcard had been there to guide them on their moneymaking quest things could have turned out just as poorly, but way more entertaining.


The Gang Gets Invincible

Always Sunny: When the Philadelphia Eagles hold open tryouts, Mac & Dennis use it as an excuse to settle who is the better football player. Eventually, it becomes clear the answer is neither of them, and the attention is turned to Sweet Dee. Dee uses this opportunity to dress like a man and prove that she can compete in football, eventually kicking a perfect field goal and gaining the attention of the Eagles’ coaches. But when she goes to show off her talents as a woman, her magical abilities disappear and she breaks her foot.

Real Life: 2006 Olympic silver medalist Santhi Soundarajan had her fair share of problems when her femininity, or lack thereof, was called into question by competitors. Unlike Dee, her genetic testing resulted in the conclusion that Santhi “does not possess the sexual characteristics of a woman.” She was then stripped of her medal. People really do cross dress with the hopes of winning at sports; it wasn’t just a silly IASIP gag.


D.E.N.N.I.S System

Always Sunny: The D.E.N.N.I.S. System might be the most brilliant episode in IASIP history. Dennis breaks down his evil tactics for seducing and then abandoning a woman in order to make her dependent on him forever.

D- Demonstrate value
E- Engage physically
N- Nurture dependence
N- Neglect emotionally
I- Inspire hope
S- Separate entirely

This, of course ends tragically when Frank, Mac & Charlie all attempt their version of the D.E.N.N.I.S. method on the same girl and it becomes clear to her that she’s been used. The exact method that should have catapulted the gang to dating fame failed, per the usual, leaving them to chase down other lofty dreams.

Real Life: Another man employed his very own “system” for getting girls. You might know this guy as the dude in the stupid hats, but he also goes by Mystery. Yes, I’m talking about the Mystery Method, which holds many common bonds to the D.E.N.N.I.S. System. However, its success rate is apparently very high, even landing Mystery his very own show on VH1. If only the gang had been comprised of highly intelligent nerds instead of moderately good-looking asshats.


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