8 Idiotic TV Shows About “How Men Really Act”

Friday, October 21 by

How I Met Your Mother

This show might be the reason for manchildren in the 21st Century. Don’t get us wrong, we love pretty much anything Neil Patrick Harris does, but this stinker is a bomb. Let’s talk about the laugh track, the multiple cameras and the fact that Josh Radnor apparently turns into Bob Saget at some point in his life. If anyone ever references “the bro code” you are legally allowed to punch him in the face. If any of your friends have ever actually read the tie-in book by that name, cut them off like a tumor. College was fun, but it’s over. Apparently no one told the characters on How I Met Your Mother.

Everybody Loves Raymond

We sure as hell don’t. Peter Boyle is a pretty awesome guy who apparently needed a paycheck. Ray Romano is about as funny as finding out your best friend has cancer. He’s also friends with Kevin James. Not much more to say about this show, other than that the producers apparently told the writers to dial up the stupidity because Romano’s character is a sportswriter. Because that’s totally the type of job they give to abject morons.

Two and a Half Men

It’s hard to tell who is the biggest baby on this show: the little kid, the fake Matthew Broderick looking motherfucker or Charlie “Oh My God Please Stop Making Jokes About Him” Sheen. Now they’ve replaced him with Ashton Kutcher. The saddest part is, he might actually be more grown up than anyone on the show. There’s not much else to expect from a CBS show with multiple cameras and a laugh track than “HERP DERP MEN HATE COMMITMENT AND LOVE BOOBS.” Either way, Charlie Sheen’s Twitter is still about a hundred times funnier and we got over that months ago.

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