8 Idiotic TV Shows About “How Men Really Act”

Friday, October 21 by

How to Be a Gentleman

Seriously, did anyone watch this flaming bag of dog shit? Protip: Stop making comedies based on nonfiction books. And while you’re at it, stop making the “Oh no! My slovenly roommate is drinking orange juice directly from the carton again!” jokes. They stopped being funny during LBJ’s presidency.

Married… With Children

This show had its ups and downs. Beginning as a standard sitcom, it later became a prototype for the raunchier, more cynical comedy that would begin populating television a decade later. Toward the end, however, it became a steaming pile. If you know what “NO MA’AM” is, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, consider yourself fortunate.


The phrase “executive produced by Mark Wahlberg, based on his experiences coming up as a young performer” should really strike terror into the hearts of men. Jeremy “The Pivert” Piven is another reason you should have avoided this show like a girl with genital herpes. Men Behaving Like Assholes would have been a more apt title, and all the dialogue sounds like it should end with “bro.” Seriously, just watch the Saturday Night Live sketch “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals” and the last half hour of Swingers and you’ve pretty much gotten the idea, minus the grotesque conspicuous consumption. Supposedly this was a show about male bonding and the importance of friends. Sure. If you and your friends are total dicks.

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