8 Idiotic TV Shows About “How Men Really Act”

Friday, October 21 by
Real men or real assholes? 

Did you know that all men are morons who hate relationships, asking for directions and putting the toilet seat back down? It’s true! My tee-vee told me so! Television loves making misandrist sitcoms about men sitting around in shit-stained underwear doing keg stands at age 30. How many of you are actually like that? After the relationship comedy, this might be the preferred well of the network sitcoms. Stop watching this garbage and if we’re lucky they’ll stop producing it.

Men Behaving Badly

When a show stars Rob Schneider it’s hard to find anything worse to say about it. If you don’t remember, MBB featured guys acting like moronic jerks, drinking tons of booze, burping as loudly as they could and being led around like a dog on a leash every time a set of boobs appeared. You know who liked this show? Stupid men whose psychological development stopped in third grade and women who don’t like men very much because they’ve met too many guys like that. Everyone else wasn’t watching and NBC unceremoniously cancelled the show after a few episodes of the second season.

The King of Queens

It’s high time someone made a TV show about a fat moron with a saucy wife. Oh wait, they’ve been doing that since I Love Lucy and it never gets any funnier. When not even the presence of Jerry Stiller and Patton Oswalt can do anything to save your show, that’s a sign that it’s really, really insufferably bad. Fun fact: This was the last show to begin in the 90s to remain on television. Really? Yep. It was on for like a million years or something. A million totally stupid years of Kevin James getting into wacky hijinks and trying to hide the fuck up of the week from his wife.

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