9 Hilariously Random Pop Culture References From ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

Tuesday, August 30 by

Simon – “A Very Sunny Christmas” (S5|E13-14)

When Mac digs around in his closet looking for the toys of Christmas past, he digs up Simon, the lovably frustrating memory game from the 1980s. Charlie quickly picks up the game, finding it maddening and impossible — but not as maddening as finding out his mother was whoring herself out for Christmas gifts throughout his childhood.

The Secret – “The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition” (S4|E12)

After hearing about The Secret (the bullshit self-help program) from Dee, the Gang make vision boards. However, Dee informs them that to “manifest” they have to give something back to the world. “Giving back” for the gang means doing a home invasion on a Latino family before wrecking their house Extreme Home Makeover style and commenting that tacos are “what little Mexican girls love most.”

Omnibot – “A Very Sunny Christmas” (S5|E13-14)

If you remember the company Tomy, you might be officially old. The Omnibot was a simple piece of home electronics that performed basic commands. Mac received one as a “gift” one Christmas. Of course, the “gift” was really stolen from the family next door by his felon father. This lovely little slice of retro electronics fits right in with the Gang’s uncanny ability to remind you of things you almost forgot existed — and were maybe better left forgotten.

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