9 Goriest Deaths So Far On ‘Breaking Bad’

Friday, October 7 by

Flight Passengers

Walt learns that his actions have consequences when he allows a man’s daughter to die in order to protect his own. The grieving father also happens to be an air traffic controller incapable of focusing on his job, causing a mid-air collision above the Whites’ family home. Bodies, debris, and a child’s teddy bear rain down upon the property.

Rival Dealers

Everyone got more than they bargained for when Walt is forced to intervene in fight between Jesse and rival drug dealers. After trying to talk things out resulted in the murder of a child, the time for talking was over. The Pontiac Aztek is probably the most embarrassing vehicle to be run over by. Except for the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, of course.


Never call your lady a skank. Even if she deserves it. Spooge (nice name) didn’t get this memo, and this little insult earned him a crushed skull courtesy of one stolen ATM machine. Definitely one of the goriest scenes in the show’s gory history.

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