With Sunday's season finale of Breaking Bad looming over our weekend, everyone is eager to find out who will die next in some shocking, explicitly gory way. Will it be Hank? Or Gus? Steve Gomez? Or Skylar? Or Marie? It would be cool if it were Marie.

Or maybe it will be no one. All we really know for sure is that sh*t is going to go down and the likelihood is that if someone is killed, it's going to be ugly. In honor of this, here's a recap of Breaking Bad's goriest death scenes. How do these get past the censors?


When planning your next drug deal, you might want to consider conducting your business in an isolated junkyard. However, you should be aware of the dangers. For instance, should the necessity to hide a body arise you must be careful in where you stash it. Naturally a demolished car would be the first place you'd think of, but be careful that you aren't putting yourself in harm's way. Gonzo didn't heed this warning and ended up bleeding out after getting his arm pinned beneath a falling car.


It's important to do your best no matter where you work. Whether it be for an entertainment blog or the Mexican cartel. Especially true for the cartel. Tortuga was a drug runner (and informant) who moved too slowly for the tastes of his employers. Rather than receiving a pink slip, he was decapitated. Then his head was glued to an exploding tortoise. Keep them legs up!


Walt's first hands-on kill remains one of the most haunting. After deciding to free the imprisoned Krazy-8, Hank realizes that the man is planning to kill him with a broken plate shard. He then does what has to be done and chokes the man with a bicycle lock and kills his innocence along with him.

Flight Passengers

Walt learns that his actions have consequences when he allows a man's daughter to die in order to protect his own. The grieving father also happens to be an air traffic controller incapable of focusing on his job, causing a mid-air collision above the Whites' family home. Bodies, debris, and a child's teddy bear rain down upon the property.

Rival Dealers

Everyone got more than they bargained for when Walt is forced to intervene in fight between Jesse and rival drug dealers. After trying to talk things out resulted in the murder of a child, the time for talking was over. The Pontiac Aztek is probably the most embarrassing vehicle to be run over by. Except for the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, of course.


Never call your lady a skank. Even if she deserves it. Spooge (nice name) didn't get this memo, and this little insult earned him a crushed skull courtesy of one stolen ATM machine. Definitely one of the goriest scenes in the show's gory history.


Though his death wasn't especially grotesque, the disposal of his corpse was completely disgusting. Walt leaves Jesse to dissolve the body in a chemical bath. However, Jesse cut corners and decided to do this in his own bathtub. The acid ate through the porcelain (and floor) and rained down steaming, stinking, dis-incorporated guts all over the aspiring meth dealers.


Gus illustrated the point that he's not really the type of boss that you can go to with a problem. In Victor, he had the perfect employee. He was tough, loyal, and learned how to cook Walt's meth recipe. It's everything Gus ever wanted. However, he also foolishly allowed himself to be spotted at a murder scene. This went over terribly with the boss, who cut Victor's throat with a box cutter while the rest of the staff watched in horror.

Tuco, Marco, and Gale

Though Breaking Bad excels at offing its characters in increasingly morbid and gross ways, it does often rely on the good old fashioned bullet to the dome. In fact, three characters have met their demise with a well-placed shot to the forehead. Tuco, his cousin Marco, and Gale Boetticher all had their minds blown by this tried and true method of execution.