9 Classic HBO Intros: How Does The ‘Luck’ Intro Stack Up?

Friday, January 27 by

Six Feet Under

The credits to Six Feet Under take us through the life of a dead body as it’s prepared for its burial and ushered off to its final resting place. If that’s not a fun into, I don’t know what is!

Big Love

The early seasons of Big Love featured the series principals in this dreamscape location in the shadow of Utah mountains. Here, polygamist Bill Paxton skated with each of his three wives before all flee from imminent danger as its revealed they are skating on thin ice. Don’t read into that. I’m sure it’s not a metaphor.

The Wire

The images in the opening credits change from season to season, but the same cutting style is used across all five seasons. Actor’s faces are rarely shown as the action is more focused on the Baltimore locations where that season’s drama unfold. Another element that’s switched up from season to season is the performer of the show’s opening theme, “Way Down in the Hole.” In season one it was performed by The Blind Boys of Alabama, season two Tom Waits, season three The Neville Brothers, season four DoMaJe, and season five Steve Earle.

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