9 Celebrities Besides Howard Stern Perfect For ‘America’s Got Talent’

Monday, November 14 by

That Guy From No Doubt

What else is he up to?

Snoop Dogg

Having sold off his street credentials many years ago, Snoop Dogg has proved there’s no gig he won’t take. He was in Racing Stripes for Christ’s sake. Not to mention, he always seems super high, which means he has an eye for quality. Whether that eye carries over into the realm of talent-spotting, or if it only applies to marijuana connoisseurship remains to be seen. Dude gets some good sh*t though.

Gary Busey

Since his spiral into total and complete lunacy, Gary Busey is contractually obligated to appear on every reality show. He’s ratings gold. I’m surprised he isn’t already a judge. Maybe he’s considered an insurance risk. If so, producers should do their all to get him on as talent. It’s about time we see a man wrestle and skin a live wolf on national television.

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