9 Celebrities Besides Howard Stern Perfect For ‘America’s Got Talent’

Monday, November 14 by
Smelling his fingers. 

Is America ready to judge the talent of professional farters? We shall see. Producers of America’s Got Talent are currently negotiating a deal with Howard Stern to bring him in as a new celebrity judge. Seems like a pretty bold move for the series. It’s been on the air for like five seasons. Why choose to make it awesome now?

It’s true that no agreement has been made yet, so this could just as easily not work out. Stern would be an excellent addition to the show and a good reason to tune-in. Should things not work out, however, the producers have a lot of options. They should at least consider these nine people as back-ups.

Norm MacDonald

With his schedule freed up by the cancellation of Sports Show with Norm MacDonald, the delightfully looney comic has nothing but time to reinvigorate America’s Got Talent. He’s proven that he’s not shy to proclaim when somebody sucks. Just ask Carrot Top, O.J., and David Hasselhoff.

Sean Penn

There is not an actor alive that values the craft more than Sean Penn. He’s fiercely protective of his fellow make-pretenders and never unwilling to share his opinions. His judgements would carry a weight that Sharon Osbourne’s never could. Plus, it would be funny to watch him have to evaluate a guy who plays tuba while balancing on a unicycle.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner has been working for years to establish herself as a top-notch talent manager. Why not go to the source? She’s likely seen hundreds of artists striving to make it big. That kind of experience will come in handy on this show. However, I doubt the censors will allow contestants to film themselves rubbing their genitals against Ray J’s. It, technically, doesn’t count as a talent.

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