9 Beloved Children’s Characters Who Are Obviously Gay

Friday, August 26 by

6. Tinky Winky

Well, I guess you can take it off my tombstone that I never agreed with Jerry Falwell about anything. He’s purple, which I’m more than willing to chalk up to coincidence. I’m straight, and I have purple shirts that I wear because I look fantastic in them. He carries a “magic bag.” Or “purse.” He carries a purse. His antenna is in the shape of a triangle, which is a symbol for homosexuality.

You know what? All the Teletubbies are gay. At least Tinky Winky has the courage to wear it like a badge of honor. May your song never die, Tinky Winky.

5. He-Man

Short-shorts. Muscles. Chili-bowl haircut. Friends with an effeminate tiger. Named “Adam.” For the love of f*ck, his name is “He-Man.” If you’re not sold on this, you’re helpless.

4. Patrick Star

To be fair, he might be bi. He hit on Mindy in the movie, but who knows if he was just trying to put on an act for his straight buddies. Further, starfish (and sponges for that matter) are known for being hermaphroditic. So this entry begs a lot of scientific analysis that, frankly, I just don’t have the energy for. We’ll say he’s a bisexual swinger, which is more than enough to make the cut on this list.

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