Adult Swim's nerd-a-rific cartoon, "The Ventur Brothers," has been picked up for two more seasons. That's great news for fans of OSI man, Brock Samson. For years, dorks have been cheering the exploits of the mullet wearing monster, and it looks as if they'll continue doing so for years to come. In honor of the renewal of Jackson Publick's groundbreaking show, we've put together these nine bad ass Brock Samson moments.

Melee Weapon

Any secret agent worth his salt knows that improvisation can mean the difference between life and death. Weapons are no exception. As Brock demonstrates in the clip above, sometimes, you have to use every tool at your disposal.

Brock Sings Technotronic

Brock might be a remorseless killing machine. But deep down, he has a heart of gold. Nowhere is this more apparent than when he sings Technotronic songs to a mortally wounded enemy...or should I say an enemy who thinks he's mortally wounded.

Testicular Cancer

When interrogating a suspect, any lug can try to beat information out of a captive. But a savvy spy knows that sometimes it's better to get inside his head. Being a professional, Brock easily switches from physical to psychological methods of persuasion.

Molotov Cocktease

No woman can tame Brock Samson, but one woman came close: Molotov Cocktease. Anyone who can win her heart must have balls of steel. The two have a long and sordid history, a fact that is only complicated by her Soviet-era chastity belt.

Bear Killer

This clip doesn't need much of a setup. Brock Samson kills a polar bear with a knife. It's extremely simple, and incredibly bad ass.

Shark Decapitation

Sure, cutting someone's head off is bad ass. So what does that make cutting someone's head off with a dead shark? Keep in mind, Brock also killed the shark. That's some hardcore shit right there.

Yeah, I know it's only a cartoon. Piss off.

Mummy Dearest

While pissing on a mummy after you've already killed it might seem like a bad ass, yet pointless, gesture, Brock has his reasons. After all, when it comes to killing mummy's, this isn't his first rodeo.

Top Chef

It's well established that Brock is one bad mother. As such, the fact that he watches "Top Chef" makes total sense. And the fact that he hates "Top Design" is just icing on the cake.

Escape from OSI

Having your heart replaced with a robot head: bad ass!
Jumping out of a moving plane sans parachute: bad ass!
Stealing a jetpack off a guy in mid-air and using it as a surfboard: totally bad ass.