9 Awesome Places To Find More Superheroes

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We all know Superman’s origin by now, but very little time was spent focusing on his adolescent years. That changed when Smallville premiered on the WB. The weekly adventure series followed Clark Kent as he navigated high school, being unpopular, and random super-powered enemies from week-to-week. For such a small town, there really was a lot going on.

Nick Fury: Agent of Shield

When Marvel decided to cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in their current crop of superhero films, it wasn’t just because it was a cool idea. It was also borne out of necessity. In the 90’s, the S.H.I.E.L.D. leader was originally played by Baywatch star David Hasselhoff in a television movie that failed to spin-off a weekly series. Where do you go from the Hoff? You go for broke is where you go. Jackson is the only actor who could take the role and get that Hasselhoff smell out.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk has existed in television and movies in several different versions. To date the character has appeared in four animated television shows, six animated films, three live action movies, and, of course, the late 1970’s live action series where he throws a bear. I’m most interested in this cartoon from 1996 that looks like it kicked the most ass of anything from that time period. A have vague recollections of the show but my memory is hazy. There’s no telling what I ate or drank that could have caused this to happen.

Also, here’s proof of that bear thing that I am able to remember and will hold dear always.

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