9 ‘American Horror Story’ Plot Theories That Are Less Confusing Than The Show

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Moira is the daughter of one of the original servants to the Montgomery’s.

We know that Moira is trapped in the house, but was she always trapped in that house? Ryan Murphy has said that all the characters are tied together in one way or another. So what if, Moira was destined to live a life of servitude from the get go, catering to the whims of whomever owned the house?

But the house had other plans for her, and tied her to it forever.  There was some speculation that Moira may have been the genderless child of the Montgomery’s but it would make more sense for her to be related to one of their servants, instead. That way, it allows for her to have a relationship to the Montgomery’s and then establish a relationship with Constance, tying both of them to the house indefinitely.

Constance practices magic and that’s why she has control over Moira and the Murder House

No one has such a strong hold over the Murder House like Constance, coming and going as she pleases and adhering her will to everyone within the house.  She tortures poor Moira and shows up in the middle of the night to stop Ben from setting himself on fire.  It’s as though she knows what is happening and what to do to keep things going in a certain direction.

Regardless if this is because of magic or her knowledge of the house, one thing is clear: Constance has a plan and she knows what’s up. She’s able to control almost everyone with the exception of Violet, and that could be because Violet is a virgin and in horror stories, the only thing that keeps you alive is keeping your pants on. It might also be why Constance is continually out to get Violet, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s because if Tate and Violet become to intimate, Tate might choose to stay dead and take Violet with him.

Tate & Violet are Romeo & Juliet, star crossed because he is dead and she is alive.

Tate’s a deranged high school student that seems to spend more time at the Harmon house than all of the Harmon’s combined.  Violet’s a cutter with a heart of gold and a tongue as sharp as her wit.  The only thing that’s attempting to keep them apart appears to be their parents, if you want to believe that Constance is Tate’s mother, and I do.

But my suspicion that Tate actually massacred his high school and then killed himself in the early ’90s complicates his ability to be with Violet, who he is apparently falling for. Who says something like death can get in the way of a crush?  Mind you, if the two really are Romeo & Juliet, Juliet kills herself when she discovers that Romeo is dead.  And it’s likely that once the truth of Tate is revealed, the devil baby is born and Ben finally goes insane, Violet might just try and kill herself to be with the only person that seems to have it together, her dead boyfriend.

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