9 ‘American Horror Story’ Plot Theories That Are Less Confusing Than The Show

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Larry is a psychic manifestation of Ben’s that occurs when Ben is under a tremendous amount of stress.

Now that we’ve attributed Ben’s insanity to psychic powers, it can justify the whole Larry subplot. Larry only seems to show up when Ben is alone or when he is in the midst of a super stressful situation. Larry initially warned Ben to get out of the house, which was solid information, but he then began to do crazy things, like murder Hayden.

Larry’s good-bad duality can easily be attributed to Ben’s own downfalls. It can also explain why, even though Violet could hear Larry’s beating and pounding on the front door, she could not see him outside when she looked through the peep hole. Ben was at the hospital with Viv where a nurse had just fainted after seeing what might have been the devil baby growing at an exponential rate, stressing Ben out and summoning Larry.

Viv’s Unborn Child Will Replace Tate As The Keeper Of “The Infantata”

Even though we still have no idea who is the father of the devil baby inside Vivian’s oven, one thing is clear. That unborn baby-mutant is exceptionally important to the storyline. We knew this before the show even started based on the marketing campaign with Vivian’s pregnant belly mirroring the body of the gimp.

Tate has made it clear that whatever is going on, he needs to continue to be treated by Ben and have some relationship in the house. Could it be that the initial plan was to entrap the whole family, forcing Vivian to give birth to the new keeper of “The Infantata” and then have Ben go stark crazy and murder the whole family, freeing Tate? It seems like this was the plan between Tate and Constance until Tate met Violet and his feelings for her forced him to start deviating from the plan.

The Murder House property traps the souls of anyone who dies on the property.

So far, there have been a couple of indications that if you die in the Murder House your ghost is trapped there.  Between, the two nurses showing up in the basement to take revenge on the home invasion killers and watching Moira weep constantly that she is trapped there, we know once you’re in the grasp of the house, there’s no getting out.

After last night’s episode, it’s pretty clear that if you die on that property, you get to be a reoccurring character on American Horror Story.  After Addie’s run over by a car, Constance drags her lifeless body onto the Murder House property with the hopes that Addie’s soul may die there and continue to be around. Additionally, the ghost of Hayden has returned to mess with Ben and Viv. I bet Ben wishes he’d put her in a wood chipper or called the cops now that his Fatal Attraction mistress can continue to torture him for all eternity.

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